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Separating from your spouse or partner can be a very difficult time.  Family mediation is an alternative way of resolving family disputes without resorting to the Court.

Mediation is a process intended to assist you both with future decisions in respect of your children and financial matters.  It involves an impartial third person, and sometimes two people, assisting those involved in family breakdown to communicate better with one another. It helps the parties to reach their own solutions and make informed decisions about some or all of the issues relating to or arising from the separation or divorce including children, finance or property irrespective of their relationship – whether they are married, in a civil partnership, living together, separated a long time ago or have never lived together. It is usually less expensive than Court proceedings and less distressing.

Mediation is intended to help couples reach decision which are both fair and acceptable to them both.  They each have the opportunity to put forward their thoughts and wishes and they know that at the end the final decision is one which has been reached together rather than having been imposed by the Court. Meditation can be explored at any time even if Court proceedings have been commenced.

Throughout the Mediation process the parties may continue to obtain legal advice should they wish.

We are able to assist you to reach decisions about separation or divorce, housing and property arrangements, arrangements for care of children and contact with the absent parent and financial support following the breakdown of your marriage or civil partnership

You will both be asked to come to a meeting with our mediator either separately or together depending upon your circumstances.  If one party is reluctant to attend mediation, a separate meeting is a useful way to assist them in understanding the benefits of settling issues without the need for possible lengthy Court proceedings.  The setting for mediation is far less intimidating and informal than a hearing in Court.  It may also lessen the acrimony between you and the other party.  If you both agree to continue with the mediation then there may be three or four meetings in all.

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