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Someone who wants to ensure that his property is dealt with as he wishes when he dies needs to make a Will.

If he does not make one, the law of intestacy will dictate how his estate is to be shared amongst next-of-kin. So anyone living with a partner being unmarried, needs to recognise that
even if they have lived together for perhaps many years, the survivor is not entitled to inherit. The law does not grant rights of inheritance to those who cohabit.

Anyone who has a child should consider whether a guardian should be appointed by Will to record who is to have responsibility for looking after the child, also whether provision should be
made for the child.

Inheritance tax planning may be a factor to be borne in mind when a Will is to be prepared.

It is sensible to take legal advice by someone:

  • who wishes to set up a trust by Will, for example to provide for young children
  • domiciled abroad
  • who owns foreign property
  • who is in business

It is important to review the terms of a Will when an important event takes place, for example marriage (which usually has the effect of revoking the Will), separation or divorce which may
result in the Will becoming inadequate.