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In an arranged marriage the families of the proposed bride and bridegroom take a leading role in arranging the marriage but both the potential spouses can choose whether or not to accept the arrangement.

In a forced marriage one or both of the spouses do not (or in the case of some adults with disabilities, cannot) consent to the marriage and duress is involved.  Duress can include physical, psychological, sexual, financial and emotional pressure.

There is no typical victim.  It can happen both both men and women.  Most cases involve young women and girls often as young as 13 or even younger.  Some may be in education whilst others may work.  Some may have a disability.  Others may be lesbian or gay.   Some may be spouses from overseas.

Forced marriage is an abuse of a person’s human rights.  If you are a victim of a forced or potential forced marriage you can apply to the Court for a Forced Marriage Protection Order to protect yourself.

We can advise and assist you in obtaining an Order whether it is for yourself or someone you think is being or about to be taken out of the country for a forced marriage to take place abroad.

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