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We are experienced Family Law Solicitors and can provide you with legal advice on divorce and guidance through all the legal procedures involved in obtaining a Divorce.

The breakdown of a marriage is a distressing time for all the individuals concerned particularly children. We are members of Resolution and follow their Code of Practice to ensure that each case is conducted in a non-confrontational manner. If however, court proceedings are inevitable these are handled skillfully and as speedily as possible.

We are used to assisting our clients when they are at their most vulnerable. People’s lives can suddenly and often without warning be thrown into turmoil. we offer advice on divorce, listen, empathise, manage and most of all help our clients to achieve their reasonable expectations in the least acrimonious way possible.

There are alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation or collaborative law which can be a highly effective way of achieving a solution with minimum costs.


Most people are concerned about the cost of a divorce.  We offer  Fixed Fee divorces as detailed below:-


If you intend to apply to the Court for a divorce, we offer a fixed fee service of  600.00 plus VAT (plus Court fees of £410 for the Divorce Petition and £45 for the Decree Absolute ). 

  1. This fixed fee includes the following:
  2. Initial meeting
  3. Drafting  Petition and Statement of Arrangements if applicable
  4. Filing the Petition at Court
  5. On the understanding that the Acknowledgement of Service is received from the Court without having to chase or prepare any other documentation to effect serve, to prepare for  Decree Nisi
  6. Apply for Decree Absolute
  7. Anything else is excluded from the fixed fee


If you receive a Divorce Petition from your spouse and want assistance the fixed fee is £300.00 plus VAT.  This will include :-

  1. Initial meeting
  2. Completing the Acknowledgement of Service and filing with the Court
  3. Advising you of the date of Decree Nisi and advising you once the Petitioner has applied for Decree Absolute and providing you with a copy
  4. Anything else is excluded from the fixed fee

You may wish to conduct your own Divorce.  If this is the case we can offer a one off appointment at a fixed fee of £150 plus VAT for 60 minutes;

Please phone us on 020 8 952 8882 or email us at info@lawlegal.co.uk to make an appointment.


A number of myths exist regarding ‘Co-habitation’, there is no such thing as a “common law marriage” which has not been possible since 1753. Nor is it correct that if you live together e.g. for six months or two years, you will automatically be entitled to a share of your partner’s property on separation. Ccouples living together for a period of time do not acquire the same rights as married couples, nor can they claim maintenance from his/her partner if the relationship breaks down, nor can he/she can claim an interest in the property because he/she has paid the utility and food bills for years, nor do they  automatically inherit the estate if his/her partner dies, so a will is necessary

Couples living together (Co-habitees), acquire virtually no rights in relation to each other, regardless of the length of the time that they have lived together. There are however steps that you can take to protect yourself.

More couples now choose to cohabit than marry. However the term cohabitation covers many different sorts of relationship, from those where couples may cohabit to save money and are fairly uncommitted to couples that see themselves as good as married.Many couples prefer to live together without marrying and a large number of same sex couples live together without entering into a civil partnership.

We can advise you on Cohabitation Law and explain your rights. We can assist you when you are setting up home together and advise you on the protective steps that you should take. We will explain what you can do in the event you later separate from your partner in order to settle any disputes between you and also what would happen  in the event that your partner were to die.

Please phone us on 020 8 952 8882 or email us at info@lawlegal.co.uk to make an appointment.


What is a divorce settlement?

We will explain the legal procedures and provide advice on divorce and financial settlements. Financial disputes can be complex as well as stressful. We have extensive experience in negotiating and securing financial settlements for our clients.

If your financial dispute needs to be decided by the Court, we will provide you with legal advice on divorce, representation, guidance and support. If however you wish to proceed in relation to your divorce and settlement using Mediation or the Collaborative Law process to decide your dispute, then we can assist you.

It is always necessary to obtain an Court Order for a financial settlement. As without an Order any settlement reached between a husband and wife is not final and binding. More importantly, claims arising on a divorce remain live until they have been formally dismissed by an Order of the court.


We can prepare a  prenuptial agreement for you. It is important for each person entering into the Agreement to do so of their own free will and in full understanding of the consequences of the Agreement.

It is important that both of you take independent legal advice and that you disclose details of your finances. There is no absolute rule for full disclosure or independent legal advice, but the Court when deciding the extent to which the Agreement should take effect, will take into account whether there has been any lack of disclosure, information or advice in each particular case.

You both must have all the information available to you that is important for your decision in view of the fact that the agreement reached should decide the financial consequences if the marriage or civil partnership should come to an end.

We would strongly urge you to consider consulting us to discuss any Prenuptial Agreements that you should wish to enter into in anticipation of your marriage or civil partnership.

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